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Secrets Of Success          You know that whenever you start any work, you are excited, your dreams are high; But as you proceed according to your plan, you may at times feel that your path is not as easy as you thought it would be.      The people you thought of that they will easily accept your words and you will easily go towards your success by cooperating with them; But when you analyze the reality, you find that you are not being as successful; as much as you thought.       So now it comes to mind that where are we doing mistake, where is our lack of preparation?     What are our shortcomings, due to which we are not finding it easy to succeed?     This is the time for SELF ANALYSIS.     "Without knowing the reason, without planning and without full knowledge, we always make our path more difficult.     Now what we have to do, so that we fulfill our dreams and success is with us. Its solutions are :- 1. Goal ( लक्ष्य ) 2. Plan ( योजना ) 3. Dedication ( लगन )  4. Jus



   The entire control of our body is under the control of the brain. The control of the brain is through the mind; All control messages go to the entire system from here.

       Meditation (meditation) is the best way to clear the mind. Meditation also has a positive effect on our subconscious mind, the combined effect of which we can achieve many amazing solutions using positive-speaking (AFFIRMATION). 

An energy cycle is formed around the body; In which all the diseases, defects of the body are removed by the use of the created world power, there is a feeling of new zeal, new energy, consciousness, enthusiasm in the body. We get wisdom and knowledge.

        Meditation has the same meaning in all religions; The aim of which is - for the purification of the body, the soul-air enters the body and fulfils concentration, enthusiasm.

In the initial state of meditation there are the following main stages: -

1. Waking up early in the morning and taking a deep breath.
    This will reduce sleep; But sleep will be deep and it will feel happy.
2. Take food lightly.
3. Maintain concentration on the breath.
4. Fast the senses:
    Stay silent / keep your eyes closed / keep your ears closed.
    These actions will increase the power, focus will be concentrated.
5. Be happy during the whole time of meditation, laugh, be excited and happy.

If we are proficient in the above, we can practice meditation.

In this, the practice is completed in three stages : -

1. Sense of dedication - Take deep breaths, concentrate full attention on your breath. (Do this action for 10 minutes)

2. Sense of acceptance - all things, circumstances, environments are like; Similarly, accept and meditate (do this action for 10 minutes).

3. The sense of death (erasure, lost and lost) - keep expressions while doing meditation in it; As you have disappeared, you are experiencing a new world. This will make you feel free from bondage, trouble-free, happiness, love. (Do this action 10 minutes)

      After sitting in the three steps above, sit on a clean pedestal and perform the above actions every 30 minutes after waking up in the morning and 30 minutes before going to bed at night in a clean secluded environment.

Meditation is a technique whose success depends on your faith and passion.

Benefits of meditation 

     Meditation makes the mind feel lighter. There is amazing growth in concentration, confidence, positive thinking, memory, health, will power. Meditation is an attempt to bring the reality of nature.

1. Meditation changes the physical and mental state of the brain. Meditation increases the size of the positive part of the brain and reduces the size of the negative part. This has the effect that we feel more energized, focused. It increases self-confidence, ability to think and understand. There is an increase in positive thinking. Concentration increases.

2. Meditation leads to amazing growth in mental health, positive buildings are strengthened. Relieves from fear, anxiety, stress. The feelings of love are awake, the impulse of anger decreases. We get new energy, power, There is a feeling of self-confidence. The environment seems to be fearless. Will power increases with attention; We can also reduce bad habits.

3. Meditation controls the amount of METABOLISM in the body; As a result of which we can increase or decrease our load (OVER-WEIGHT / UNDER- WEIGHT).

4. Meditation reduces the amount of C-REACTIVE PROTEIN present in the blood; As a result, it is possible to treat high blood pressure (HIGH BP), many cardiovascular diseases. CARTISOL will be low; Which will relieve stress, will also give relief in sleep.

5. Meditation has positive effects on the skin; SLOW AGING,  increases facial glow, happiness will increase .

I look forward to your valuable suggestions and ideas. Please give me support to improve my efforts to give valuable knowledge among peoples.


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